Monday, May 21, 2012

Once Supposi-Story

My dad never goes to the doctor.  But when he does, he really likes to give the nurses a hard time.  Like that visit where he was given a suppository, and instructions to use it and return the next day.

When he arrived, the nurse asked him how it went.

He responded, "For all the good it did me, I coulda shoved it up my hind-end."


DB Stewart said...

Like (your Dad & U, not the suppository from hell).

Anonymous said...

Roxie said..

He sounds like the Man who went to the Dr. because he couldn't hear. He said his hearing aid was broken. Dr. examines his ear and says, "No wonder you can't hear! You have a suppository stuck in your ear."
Man says, "Well, I guess I know where my hearing aid is."

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Thanks dbs. I'm glad to know I can send him to Canada when I get sick of him.

LOL Roxie

Chris said...

Great story, Kady, what ever inspired you to write about that? Great joke, Roxie, LOL

Chris said...

Did you and Summer coordinate to blog about the same item this week???

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