Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Blog Love

Do you play Draw Something? OMG I love it. Of course I am impatient and have a ton of games going so I like to take the path of least resistance and use stick figures and basic draw skills to get my point across. But some people really get into it.

This Friday Blog Love post goes out to Ignore Hitler. It's this guy who plays Draw Something in a more hilarious way. 

I, of course, had never heard of his blog until my friend McShash hipped me to it by doing an "Ignore Hitler" of her own in one of our games:

Pretty good, McShash, Pretty Good.

Click here to see lots of awesome Draw Something pictures where you're instructed to ignore ol' Hitler.


ashley said...

AHAHAHAHAHA. I'm so glad you liked it. I thought you would get impatient with it, but the payoff was good, wasn't it?

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

It was real good.

Kerry said...

Hilarious! I really like this. Too bad I don't have an iPhone. Oh well, I'd be awful at drawing TomHanks anyhow.

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