Friday, February 1, 2013

Flush and Brush

In Kathmandu, Nepal, Summer and I contacted some friends of friends and were invited for dinner. We hit it off and stayed up laughing and talking way too late and ended up spending the night. In the morning, we had to get back to our hostel and get Summer off to the airport for her flight to London.

But somebody was knocking at my back door. Hard. I didn't want to use their toilet, because their bathroom had a one foot space on top of the door and so even with the door shut, it was technically open. And everybody was just outside the bathroom finishing up breakfast. But, I had no choice. It was urgent.

Actual photo of their bathroom.
I did my best and deepest squat and against my preference proceeded to make embarrassing toilet noises. (When that happens to me my defense strategy is to laugh, in case anybody heard and then at least they'll know that I thought it was funny and am not trying to hide it.)
Then I flushed. The slow trickle of water was no match. Nothing.
I flushed again.
At this point I had no choice but to yell out to my hosts: "What do I do? It won't go down!"
Their response, in unison: "FLUSH AND BRUSH!"
I looked in the corner and saw the blue brush next to the toilet. (You can see it in the above photo.) I flushed. And I brushed. And I washed the turd down.



Davin said...

Oh no. I'm going to be in Nepal in March. Are all the bathrooms like this?

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Nah dude. Not all. You'll find some western toilets. But BYOTP and soap.

Davin said...

Maybe a full suitcase of TP would do.

DB Stewart said...

Holy shit this was hilarious. Pun intended.

Chris said...

And you complained about our bathroom!!?!!

prettiest sister said...

I think the grids so you don't slip while you squat is a nice feature.

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