Thursday, February 14, 2013

Miyajima Island

Just outside of Hiroshima, Japan, there's a beautiful little island called Miyajima that's totally worth a visit. It takes about an hour from the A-Bomb site, but it's an easy tram ride. And if you're like me, you can totally snooze open-mouthed and snoring and get woken up by the tram driver and you're there!
And then you get to take a ferry! (I love ferries.)
Upon arrival to Miyajima, the first thing you'll see are the zillions of deer walking around willy nilly. I saw little kids petting them and so I figured it might be OK, but you know, deer are vicious creatures and I couldn't be certain it wouldn't turn and maul me so I played it safe.
This torii gate at high tide appears to float on the water.


I was traveling with a couple of dudes from Australia, and we decided to meet at the island and hike up Mt. Misen. It's only a couple kilometers up and back down, but the guidebooks said it takes four hours to do it round trip. We decided we didn't have enough time before dark and so we took the cable car most of the way up, hiked to the summit and then RAN back down.

View from the rope way. (Cable Car.)
As if I hadn't just ridden the cable car 80% of the way up.


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Me likey likey. (That's my version of Japanese)

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