Thursday, February 21, 2013

Roosevelt 'Rent Romance


I love living with my parents SO much. Here is an example of the types of loving, nurturing, tender conversation I'll miss the most:


Dianne: "Gol dang it Hal! Now I gotta rewind this."


Hal: "Have another glass of wine, Dianne."


Dianne: "I don't need a glass of wine! I need to hear my show!"


Hal: "Oh sure, whenever I want to say something..."


Dianne: "KEEP TAAAALKIN'!" (rewinds The Bachelor)




mom said...

You're just laughing cause it is true.

Anonymous said...

Kelly says: I feel like this coulda been my blog post while staying there.

Chris said...

And when you lived at our house, it was the same thing.

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