Sunday, January 11, 2009

Irish Pub

As I mentioned it was very cold...and so we moved quickly from the Aquarium to lunch. We happened upon Fado's, an Irish Pub on 1st Street, a few blocks down from Pike's Place Market and the Aquarium. We ate lunch and had a Guiness.

The best tomato soup I have ever had:

Abra cadabra!:


Andrea Schweikert said...

Ok, who is taking these pictures? I have never seen a bowl of soup look so amazing! I would seriously love to have a family picture done this summer. Do you work with dogs and babies? If you can make a bowl of soup look good the possibilites are endless.
If you're ever interested in freelance let me know.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

That'd be Cory. I'll tell him ya said so.

Anonymous said...

that the soup had at least 2 hours of prep and 30 mins in make-up. I make you look good so I look good. If you don't look good I still do, but I don't get payed.

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