Sunday, January 25, 2009

Massage day

Nancy came over on Saturday and did massages for a buncha people including me and we cooked a whole chicken (see prior post) and made a puzzle and knitted and drank wine. I know the picture makes it look like I was all alone but there really were people here. Those are Beata's feet!
Then Nancy stayed over night and I coughed and coughed all night and she brought me breakfast in bed and did all the dishes. I haven't left the house all day and I hope I'm feeling better. I tried to get all the broth out of the crock pot that cooked all night but it's really messy and I'm so sick I ended up just getting all the chicken goo and bones out and throwing the liquid in the fridge to separate and hopefully I can make soup tomorrow. I'm so sick. But I did watch Wednesday night's Lost episode on the Internet and I put three dishes from my bedroom onto the kitchen counter. Baby steps.

The end.

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