Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Space Pin

On the way up the elevator to the top, the woman told us that the Puget Sound has one of the world's largest species of Octopus. I thought that was weird. Here in the good ol' USA? Octopus. Preposterous!

View from the top:

Dinner at Cutters afterward: (Salmon)

We had the BEST SUSHI EVER that night. YUM.

Our waiter was knowledgable, but very snooty. When Jake ordered a Brandy Manhattan, he sort of dissed Jake's Brandy by saying that he used that brand to "cook with". Also he showed us the wine list and said that he had been "working with the chef on this list for 10 years."

We were like, Really? 10 years? You? Working with the Chef? Of Cutters? I think we only felt that way because of his snooty-ness.
And then Cory made this lil' lady out of his discarded Edamame shells, and we had fun making her talk.


anna said...

I never saw the edamame lady, must have been too busy eating myself. Remember we were so hungry.

Andrea Schweikert said...

This sounds like an amazing vacation, the food, the sights. The view from the condo looks awesome. I love the edamame lady! Everytime Anna has one of her Anna-isms (space pin) It always makes me laugh and I remind everyone English is her second language. Glad you guys had such a great time.

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