Friday, January 30, 2009

Miles' dream

I'm babysitting the kids right now. Miles just told me:

"Mom and dad are thinking about getting me my own..." (and I'm thinking "Bedroom?" "Cell phone?" "Hat?"

Back to story:

"Cupboard. Except it's gonna be awesomer than Miyo's. We're gonna put tiny little posters on the wall."


Kelly said...

thank goodness you didn't suggest those out loud. Kasey and Ben are now off the hook, and a cupboard is all they need to satisfy him.

kasey said...

Miles has been trying to convince me to give him a place across the street (kitchen floor) from Miyo's. I ask him, "where will I put my pans?" And, "what about the fact that there is a shelf in the middle of it?" Do we hack it out with an axe? This to Miles isn't sarcasm, just merely a way to try to figure out how to get the job done.

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