Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bangkok Giveth and Bangkok Taketh Away

Do you know about dream jeans? The kind that fit you just perfectly? No frills, no on-purpose holes, no flare. Just your basic straight cut blue jeans. These kind of jeans just don't exist anymore. You can't find them. I know this because I have been searching for about six years. These days, jeans are either too skinny, or too boot cut, or too loose, or way too low riding.

Today I found my dream jeans. In a market somewhere far off the beaten track. It was so hot I didn't even want to try them on, but I did and they were perfect. Zipper fly. Just the right length. Could wear long, or cuff twice. Adorable. My butt crack didn't even try to stick out when I squatted in them. Weathered wash, but not obviously-so, lived-in looking boyfriend style jeans by Levi's. I negotiated the price down to a 'hurts-but-still-comfortable' 600 Baht, or $20.

And then I must have left them somewhere because they are not here where I am right now. I think maybe that they were a mirage, and that this didn't really happen. That I really didn't have to run alone to the 7-Eleven across the street and ask with my hands if I left my bag? Did anybody see my bag? Bag? I had a bag? It's lost? No, my friend doesn't have it. It's lost. Did you see it? My bag? No? No bag? Nobody turned in a bag?

Also in the bag: my whole day's shopping. A dress, two headbands, and my sunglasses.


Anonymous said...

Also in your bag there was a present for Teri, right?

Sarah said...


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