Monday, April 19, 2010

Malaysia - In the News

Volunteers picked up rubbish along the seafront off Penang's Gurney Drive in conjunction with Earth Day.  6.4 tons of rubbish from a refrigerator to a bulldozer tire were collected from the island's beaches.  Volunteers also picked up 51 condoms, 128 diapers, 222 tampons and 53 syringes during a four-hour clean-up.

I love that they counted the condoms, diapers, tampons and syringes.  Do you think there was a special tampon bucket, diaper bucket, etc?  Or do you think they just mentally took a tally?  Or do you think at the beginning of the day, the organizers said, "now remember to note how many condoms you pick up today."

Also, there were allegations that candidate Datuk Zaid Ibrahim had, in his past, drank.  He owned up to the mistake made in the past, but said that his drinking days are over.  He also said he knew of leaders who had done this and that but he would not name names.  "If the Hulu Selangor people punish me for being sincere, then I will accept the punishment," he said.

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prettiest sister said...

Well if he is going to put it that way, I mean WHO would want to punish a guy for being sincere??

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