Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today Gets Two Entries

After my Brewery Tour, I headed south through Hokitika (I love this one.  Pronounced: hoke-ah-TICK-ah.  I love to say it over and over.) and onto Franz Joseph Glacier and Fox Glacier.  I stopped for gas, a sandwich out of my oh-so-economical esky (cooler).  I saw a HUGE rainbow!  Wide as.  Oh, I forgot: here they say things like "Cool As" or "Sweet As".  They don't say what it's as cool as.  It's just "Cool as".
Somewhere along the way, I think in Hari Hari...seriously I love these town names...I got super sleepy and pulled over to have a nap but then got a skype chat from Summer.  We discussed some doings and goings-on for our Asia trip.  Then I drove on.

Again I started feeling very lonely.  This is just my second day of being all alone.  So far I had Teri with me and I've been staying with friends and so I haven't been alone yet.  I really don't get these ladies who travel all by themselves for long periods of time.  And yes, you meet people.  But the conversation usually goes no deeper than:

Where are you from?  MINNESOTA.
When did you get to New Zealand? THREE WEEKS AGO.
How long are you here for? ANOTHER TWO WEEKS.
How do you like New Zealand? I LOVE IT!  IT'S REALLY GORGEOUS.

People are totally nice.  I'm just literally sick of the sound of my voice explaining where Minnesota is.  And the surface conversation.  So, I get lonely.  Thank goodness for the Phycadelic Furs CD I'm listening to in the car.

I pulled into Franz Joseph Glacier around 6:15 pm and decided to hike up to it and then hike ON Fox Glacier tomorrow.  The walk was gorgeous.  Hopefully you saw the photos from the link on my previous post to my facebook page.  And my photos don't do the glacier justice at all.  It was crazy awesome.  But, because I was late and by myself, I found that I was the last one on the walk, which meant that I would have to walk through the jungle woods all alone on the way back.  When I figured this all out, I started running.  Finally I caught up to the next last person and I decided to just keep running past him and pretend I liked running in jeans through the woods, rather than stop running once I caught up to him.  That would have been weird.  Plus, I had imagined him as my murderer, hiding off to the side of the trail waiting for me to catch up and so I was scared of him anyway. 

And now I'm at my hostel room, alone but glad for it, and sorry I said the showers suck.  I found one that nobody else discovered so it was kind of unused.  I took one and it was nice.  Hot, good pressure, and nobody saw me duck out of there in my towel.  I drank that beer those hitchhikers gave me and now I'm going to sleep at 10pm.  I gotta get up early to do that glacier walk.

Having a blast!  I'm not like pathetically lonely, I promise.  Just wish I had somebody to share all of this with.  Besides you guys of course.

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Hobo Siren said...

Hahaha! I'm catching up on your posts and loving that your post about being so lonely got zero comments. Maybe you're as hilarious as I think we both are and deleted them to make a point. But it's even more funny if no one did comment. And here I go ruining it.

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