Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bathroom scare

Last night I went into my favorite toilet in the dorm share/pool bathroom.  It's my favorite because there usually aren't geckos in it, there's usually toilet paper, and because of this I overlook the fact that there's usually about a quarter-inch of water on the floor and the lock is really hard to operate. 

So anyways you have to push the door shut, putting your left hand next to the bolt action lock, and use your right hand to JAM JAM JAM JAM JAM JAM JAM it until it closes.  And even then it only sort of just touches the other part of the lock slightly and so you have to worry that somebody will bust in anyways.

I really jammed my finger last night.  But that happens every time.  So I decided to squat and not sit, even though it's totally a sittable toilet.  I just didn't happen to be in a sitting mood.  As you squat you look at the floor and as I looked at the floor I saw three drips of blood.  I totally panicked for obvious reasons, one being that I totes wouldn't be allowed into any temples:

And then I noticed that my finger was gushing blood and laughed at myself out loud in my favorite toilet stall.


Sarah said...

I'm glad to know that if I ever want to travel to Indonesia, I should plan it around "that time of the month" if I want to actually see anything. I suppose the blood might also make all the monkeys go nuts. Yuck. How DO they know if you have your period or not????

prettiest sister said...

Unclean! Unclean!

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