Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grossed Out

So a couple nights ago I went to dinner at a restaurant that offered most of their dinner options for 15,000 rupiah or so.  This works out to be $1.66.  Also their 750ml beers were only 25,000 rupiah, or $2.77.  So I was very stoked but after the beer I had to go pee so bad that I couldn't wait for the walk back to the hostel.  I asked if I could use the bathroom at the restaurant. 

The first thing I noticed was that there was no sink in the bathroom, and therefore no means to wash your hands whatsoever.  I have gotten used to sink/no soap in Bali, but no sink at all in a restaurant?  Meaning the workers are preparing your food without having washed their hands?  Kill me now.  The next thing I noticed was that there was a tiny little basin on the floor with a bucket inside, and it was filled with water.

So I found a way to go pee without getting my hands dirty whatsoever.  There was no garbage can, and so I took that to mean that it would be OK to put the toilet paper in the bowl.  I took another piece of toilet paper in my hand to push the flusher for the toilet.  The flusher went around and around and there was no flushing action at all.  It was broken.  I thought about just leaving it and not flushing, but then I remembered something horrible that I had read from a borrowed Lonely Planet book.  In SE Asia, the basin/bucket next to the toilet is for flushing.  So I had to reach my hand into the basin of water, grab the heart-shaped bucket and pour it down the toilet to flush.  So now my left hand was no longer clean. 

I sort of held in in the air like a surgeon all the way back to the hostel, where I promptly poured acid on it and then cut it off completely.

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Anonymous said...

A three dollar beer in exchange for a hand seems reasonable. Love, Jacqui

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