Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is me, thinking about getting my picture taken next to this monkey.

Here I am yelling "Quick!  Quick!" to the girl with my camera.

And this is me, running away from the monkey.

I just hate animals!  I don't trust them.  I don't think they're safe to hang around and play with.  I'm not talking about your beloved pets right here.  Just like wild monkeys in Bali for example.

I don't want them coming anywhere near me.  And if they do, I scream and run away.  One of the monkeys had a tiny baby on her and it was SO cute, and so I put out my camera to take a picture and she HISSED at me.  Then she kept eye contact with me until I left.  I don't trust monkeys, no-sir-ee.

One of the girls that was with me bought bananas to feed the monkeys and as soon as she got the bananas from the lady who sells them, a big monkey jumped up and stole the whole bunch from her, before she had a chance to pull one off and give it to him.  Later, another monkey grabbed her shoe with both hands by the toe and pulled it toward his mouth like he was going to eat a sandwich.

Also these monkeys are anatomically correct:


Hobo Siren said...

In the photo of you running away from the monkey, it looks like the monkey has a big stick in his hands.

kady said...

Ha! Yes! And that's why I got the heck out of there!

Mom said...

No joke, Kady, I just watched Oprah last week about the gal who got got her face torn off by that monkey.

prettiest sister said...

That was a chimpanze.

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