Tuesday, April 13, 2010

6 Vocabulary Words I Learned in New Zealand

"Sussed out" -- figured out. Like if somebody wants to know if you have the rest of your trip planned, they might ask "Do you have it all sussed out?"

"Sweet as" -- Cool. This means somebody is happy with the decision you just made.

"Wrapped" -- Excited. As in: "I got over to Kiri's house and she bought groceries. I was wrapped."

"I reckon" -- Use this phrase anytime you think something might be true. "I reckon it's gonna be cold outside tomorrow."

"...as" -- Whatever the first word in the phrase might mean. As in, "cool as"..."tight as"..."old as"

"Gutted" -- Upset. As in: "We couldn't get tickets and we were gutted."

Pronounciation Techniques:

Anytime we might use the 'i' sound in English, substitute the 'eh' sound, and vice versa. For example, the words Bitter and Better would be pronounced Bettah and Bittah. In the exact opposite way and meaning.

"Classic Hits" = Clessek Hets

"Hair Dresser" = Hee Driss Ah

"Yes" = "Yiss"

"Excellent" = "Ick-Sillint"

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