Saturday, May 1, 2010


I had an epiphany yesterday.

I am probably shooting myself in the foot with my bathroom fear because I'm spending WAY too much time in there, trying to mentally prep myself for the task at hand.

First, I either foot-push or middle-finger-push the door open slowly, scanning the floor and walls and ceiling for geckos or spiders.  Then I step into the stall slowly, slowly, slowly, turning sideways to make myself skinny! so I don't touch anything.  I look around again for creepy crawleys.  Then I use a piece of my kleenex to lift the lid in a Western-syle toilet to check for spiders, bugs, rats under the seat.  Then I step from left foot to right foot, mustering courage to begin the process.  My hands are usually in the air in front of me, or at my sides, waving slightly.  I breathe in and out, slowly.  Then I usually make sure my camera, wallet, purse, sunglasses are secured before I unzip my pants and slowly, slowly turn around. 

The epiphany is this:  Why not hurry up, pee and get the heck out of there?!


Sarah said...

because that's how you get bit on the butt by a gigantic spider and spend three days in a Thai hospital with a watermelon sized boil on your behind. You're doing it right. Don't change a thing.

Mom said...

Kady, I just cleaned the toilets, you can come home now.

Kim said...

So that's were Hanna gets it!

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