Friday, May 28, 2010

So in Asia, I'm fat.

So, when you go shopping in the markets in SE Asia, the shopkeepers sort of beckon you into the store, and then point at every item and name them.


...and so forth.  It's very annoying, and it takes everything in my soul not to go, "oh really?  It's a skirt?  Thank you for letting me know the name of that item.  And that item."  Cambodia was terrible for this.  They are super high pressured, it makes you not even want to shop.  I LOVED the Laos street market because they really let you look without much bother, just a "buy something?" which only means, I'm here if you need me, let me know if you want anything.

But all of that is kind of OK or expected.  The stalls are all selling the same thing.  In order for them to get you into their store they kind of have to beckon you, and sell you on their stuff.  They're just working, and that's just what they do, and so you kind of have to accept it and then try not to feel claustrophobic while you're shopping in their stores as three of them hover over you.  So in the end, it's OK and you have to go into it knowing that's how it's going to go.  But, the thing they do that I really HATE even though it is hilarious, they hold up the dress and they look at you and they S-T-R-E-T-C-H it, and say, "make big", or "big size for you".  This happens in every store.  Yesterday in Phnom Penh, I couldn't help myself.  I said to a woman who of course did that to me: "for the FAT lady?  This dress will fit even me?  The FAT lady?"  And I puffed up my stomach and face and made myself look fat, and then I mimicked stretching a dress.  Finally she got the joke and we laughed about it.  But, ladies, if you ever want to feel obese, just come on over to Asia.

Click here to read about me feeling fat in China

And one last story -- Summer and I went to dinner one night with the Aussie girl in Cat Bah Island, Vietnam, and while she was seating us, she looked at Summer and said, "Beautiful!"  And Summer secretly got excited (I know this because she told me) that she called her beautiful and not us, but then she pointed at the Aussie girl and then to me and said Beautiful to us too.  Then the girl points at Summer's chest and exclaims, "BIG!" and then turns to me and says, "SMA....*then points to my belly*...Baby!!"  I was so embarrassed I just agreed and said, "yes, baby!" and then proceeded to order a beer.

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Anonymous said...

Since I'm twice your size, I wonder if they would think I was Kate Gosselin still pregnant with the sextuplets. Love, Jacqui

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