Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodbye Laos and thanks for all the Fish

This morning Summer and I lazily rolled out of bed at about 7am and packed up all of our stuff for the airport.  It was sad to have to shove everything in our bags again, especially since Luang Prabang has an amazing MARKET and I bought a bunch of stuff to bring home.  I wasn't going to buy anybody anything on this trip, but I sort of realized that I only have two weeks until I arrive in Minneapolis.  So not too bad to carry some stuff around.  So, if your name is on the following list, I bought you a present:

Mom, Kim, Keri, Kelly, Tanya, Kasey, Miyo, Miles, Murphy, Kay, Josette, Matt, Laurissa, Beata, Nancy, Heather.  But don't anybody get their hopes up.  It's mostly crap. 

We arranged to be picked up by Thouy, the tuk tuk driver at 8am so that we can arrive to the airport the requisite two hours early.  He never showed, but we found another dude, and we asked him to stop at our favorite fruit shake shack by the river, for old times sake.  They have no plastic cups at the moment.  No matter, they served us our shakes like this:

When I was finished I said something hilarious. You ready? I said, ..."Summer, these shakes throw themSELVES away."

So we get to the "airport", which looks to me like an abandoned airstrip and an empty building in the middle of a field.  I spotted one plane with the Lao Airlines logo, and it had propellers.  I made a mental note of the wherabouts of my Xanex, and hefted my bag from the tuk tuk.  I still had 22,000 kip to spend, baby! That's nearly $4.  I opted for a croissant and a coffee, which came to 23,000 kip but I convinced the lady to have pity on me and I got my breakfast.  Now, this happened to be in a room with 40 chairs, and to the side, the breakfast cart place.  She says to me, "eat here or take-away?"  And I laughed.  Because I am funny.  To me both options seemed exactly the same.  I said, "I guess I'll eat it right there."  This warranted paper cups and disposable plate.  I'm not sure where you have to sit to get the real China. 

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Kelly said...

I made the list!

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