Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is so weird, but I am using US currency in Cambodia.  Everything is priced in US dollars, and the ATM even gives you US dollars.  This is is tough when you're so used to doing math in your head anytime you buy something.  Now I am trying to convert US dollars into US dollars...OK...hmmm, this t-shirt is one dollar.  So how many dollars is that?

It got me thinking that for the last four months I have been doing tons of math.  Kilos to pounds.  Kilometers to miles.  Meters to yards.  Baht, kip, NZ/Auzzie dollars, rupiah, dong, what-have-you to US dollars.

I'm all screwed up.  Not to mention I don't know what side of the road cars are even on anymore because everybody drives everywhere now.  I think I need a reacclimation guide to follow me around for a week or two and make sure I don't get killed in the United States.  If not by stepping in front of a car, then for being overly frank with strangers -- my new hobby.


RC said...

Being overly frank is your NEW hobby??? ;-)

Anonymous said...

World traveling definitely brought out the blunt to strangers, tellers, merchants, and just about anyone in retail. Annie calls it "aggressive mark"

It helps a lot in the US as well.


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