Monday, May 10, 2010

The Sleeper Bus

We spent some time in Saigon and then hired a two nights-one day stop sleeper bus for $24 each.  It was such a weird experience.  The 'beds' were like super tiny, and there was no toilet, as promised.  We got on the bus at 7pm and almost immediately it was like time for lights-out.  Then the bus stalled.  In the middle of a busy Saigon street.  Four passengers had to get out and help so the driver could push-start it.  It was so funny.  Another thing about this bus -- the driver is crazy.  Anytime he approaches another vehicle, he HONKS! the horn.  You know, to let them know he's there.  This is common in SE Asia.  But we were trying to SLEEP!  He honked all night long.  And the bus' horn was SO LOUD.  So it was impossible to sleep.  We stopped along the way at the dirtiest, most un-lit bathrooms and the grossest most generic places to eat.  So naturally when we arrived at our destinations we were fresh and rested and clean.

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