Monday, May 10, 2010


We're in Vietnam!!!  We flew from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday.  We found it amazingly easy to get a hotel and Indian food and book a Cu Chi tunnel tour for the next day.  Vietnam is easy easy easy to get around.  YAY.  And cheap!  $6 each for a nice hotel with wireless and private bathroom.  Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is famous for it's crazy traffic, motorbikes especially.  There are 7 million people in Saigon and 4 million motorbikes. 

Crossing the street is like playing Frogger.  You step into the street and just walk anytime you see an opening.  You can't wait until it's clear.  It's impossible.  One street has like 30 lanes of traffic, and though they officially drive on the right hand side, that doesn't mean anything.  Your best bet is to look both ways a thousand times while you cross.

I really like it here.  I love the people.


ashley said...

Love these pics!

Hobo Siren said...

I'm jealous of your photos of those people. So great.

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