Friday, April 22, 2011

Ah, Those Japanese

They're so silly, with their raw fish and indeciphderable alphabet.  And the origami!  I hate to make sweeping generalizations about any one group of people, but have you ever met a Japanese person who didn't know how to make Origami?  Exactly my point.

Anyways, while I waited for the Japanese man to slowly and painstakingly make me a beautiful origami flower out of the tin foil casing of my amazing mall-food-court burrito, I got a little bored.  I decided to show him what I was made of.  I present to you -- American girl does Origami:

 Tadashi didn't see Minnesota, though.  He saw an ancient Babylonian king.  So I embellished:


Then, I made a gun.

A beard/mustache

A piece of wheat, like a farmer might chew on.

Again with the gun.

A book.

Finally he finished his silly little flower.  Amateur.


Dan said...

Flower wins Best Picture, for sue, but old King Neb wins Best Visual Effects. If I'm the entire voting panel, that is, which I am.

Tadashi "the blocker" is Japanese? I would never have guessed it, apart from the obviously Japanese name. Hmmm.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

For this blog post he is Japanese. In actuality, he is Japanese/Ukranian/Chilean. *I have no stereotypical remarks about the other two nationalities at this time. For now all I have to work with is "knows origami".

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