Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Luxury

I am in Buenos Aires!  I travelled by bus from Puerto Iguazu in Argentina.  It's an 18-hour ride, but I heard that Argentinian buses were super nice and the best in South America, so I was kind of looking forward to it.  I ended up going with Crusero del Norte, for $120.  Que expensive!  But the bus didn't disappoint.  Here are some photos of my little area, comparable to the space you get in first class on an airplane. 

Reclining chair with footrest!


Trip opens with a pour of Whisky.

And "The King's Speech"

Food not so bad.  I accidentally wasted my parmesan cheese by pouring it on the little sandwich, not realizing that gnocce with meat sauce was still on the way.
So I slept for 12 hours and watched three movies.  "The King's Speech", "Unstoppable", and another one about the Marines and aliens and Aaron Eckhart.  It was STOOPID.  Bathroom -- not bad.  No soap, but not bad.  All in all, the bus was great.  But of course it can't all be fancy schmance.  When I arrived in BA, my bag was open, like so:


And the top flipped down.

...And I have hundreds of mysterious bites all over my body.

Even the champagne can't make up for that.
So, sorry, Crucero del Norte, I can't give you a two thumbs up review.  Who exactly opened my bag?  When I discovered it, and asked the guy, he was like *shrugs shoulders*.  He asked me if anything was missing.  How the heck should I know?  I won't know until I do an investigation.  I said, "I don't know" and then he shrugged his shoulders again and they drove off, all quick-like.  (Interestingly my ticket included a $4 Real fee for "bag safety").  Luckily all my valuables were with me on the bus in my little backpack.  Summer and I saw this exact same thing happen somewhere in Thailand.  A German girl got her bag back and it was open, and unfortunately she had all her money stolen.  That taught me never to put anything valuable under the bus.  But I still feel a little violated.  I still don't know if anything is missing...but I don't think so.


Anne said...

Hey, take a break from writing about your travels and post a blog about your nuevo man-friend!

Wow, that just sounded a little demanding, didn't it? Sorry, I've been hanging around with 7 year old girls a lot lately.

Sarah said...

OMG those look like bed bug bites. EW EW EW!

Anonymous said...

Who is this new guy?

Sarah said...


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