Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crazy Travel Story

I just chatted with a friend and got this insane travel story:

I went to Italy...well, didn't quite make it.  Got to Paris and then got stopped by the border police because some of my papers weren't alright.  So they decided to interrogate me while I was crying and not understanding French and then I spent the next 3 hours in a cell with some Nigerians.

hahahaHAAAAA!!!  (I am a very supportive and understanding friend).

It smelled like pee and I swear it was poop on the walls.  THEN I started vomiting cause I had a terrible migraine and I banged on the prison door asking for help.  So the guy comes to the door and just yells "no English, no English!"   Then a little later I got on a flight back home and was just happy to be in my own bed.

OMG - this is not real?  This is a movie right?

I think it would have been a better movie than the ones I saw on the plane back.  I think this can be added to worst travel experiences.  At least I flew economy plus back with some extra leg room and a view of first class!
What was your worst travel experience? 

I think mine was the Vietnamese bus ride. 
Click here to read my travel buddy Summer's version of my worst travel experience.
Warning # 1:  I'm not proud of the way I behaved on this bus.
Warning # 2:  The story is quite long, but worth it.


Katherine said...

Hi Kady,
I'm Josette's big sister, just wanted to tell you I'm enjoying your blog!

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Hey Katherine, thanks so much!

Josette said...

Oh, wow. Just read Summer's account of your harrowing bus experience. And to think I was worried about possibly not having a seatbelt in Ishmael's car, scared to try the chicken at Tip-Top, and turned down a free vitamin b injection at the pupusa shop!

Sarah said...

My worst experience was having to pee in a peanut butter jar every night I stayed at Oxford university because I was pregnant and the nearest bathroom was down a floor and I was so lazy and sleep deprived. It wasn't that bad.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

I wonder, how much peanut butter can a pregnant lady's bladder hold?

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