Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friends Don't Let Friends Smoke Tampons?

One of my favorite party tricks is to take out a tampon and hold it up like Groucho Marx's cigar and talk like the Vlassic Pickle Stork and...well, it's HILARIOUS.  In my mind. 

The night I graduated from college (with a 2-year degree that took me 13 years to obtain BOO-YA), some friends and I went out for a little mini celebration afterward.  One particular friend, who I'll call "Alason" (her real name) had probably seen the aforementioned joke one-too-many times, because when I reached into my purse...she knew what was coming.  And then, in an attempt to prevent my humiliation she said, simply, and quietly enough for only me to hear: 

"Kady.  Don't Stoop."

"You know what would be hilarious right now?  A tampon cigar."


Arse Clown said...

Or maybe Ronny McDonny with his arm around you telling you you made it. Or just me doing the same.

short, victory said...

Good call Alasaon, good call!

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