Sunday, April 17, 2011

Awwwwwwwww, The Baby Cockroach and the Centipede Made Friends

Unfortunately they made friends right under my kitchen table, and so I had to brutally murder one and set the other one free.  A terrible decision, 'which one lives and which one dies'...I didn't have time!  Did I make the right decision?  Was making my decision based on not wanting to feel the centipede squish in my hand the right basis?
This may haunt me until the day I die.

I may move to New York City and meet a handsome man and pretend it never happened, but he'll sense something is wrong...and finally, one alcohol-ridden night, I'll tell him. 

Are you getting these Sophie's Choice references, or are they wasted on you, you idiot?  Maybe they're wasted on you because I don't remember much about that movie...just the moving to New York City and the pretending it never happened.  I really can't remember how she told him, and if there was alcohol involved.  Who's the idiot now?


Mom said... do sorta look like Meryl....sorta, kinda.

Kady Hexum said...

Thanks mom, because Meryl also looks like Julia Child.

Hanna said...

If it were me I would have put them in a box together and seen if they would fight to the death.

Kelly said...

Was there alcohol involved in the writing of this post?

Kady Hexum said...

I am going to knock your socks off with a big fat "no".

For some reason Florianopolis has been prohibition city for me.

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