Friday, April 8, 2011

Beach Walk with Tadashi

This is Tadashi -- he's the dude I came here to visit.  We met in Chile in 2009 and he moved here to Florianopolis Brazil shortly after.  We met after he was finished with work to go to the beach and to dinner. 

A human pyramid is totally possible even with just two people.

This is a gross little creature who scurries after the wave goes out to sea to crawl under the sand. EW!

This is a jellyfish.  Here they call them "Agua Viva" (Water Alive). In Costa Rica they are "Aguas Malas" (Bad Water)

Here are thousands of Agua Vivas laying on the shore.

Trying the national drink, Caipirinha (cay-peer-ee-nya)

A slight variation on the human pyramid.

Taking the bus back home was a hilarious event.

Tadashi and I passed the time on the very long bus-ride by doing very intelligent things, like making numbers.  It was pretty hilarious at the time, especially because the bus was moving and it was hard to hold the poses.  '3' and '0' were impossible, but we got the rest of them pretty good. 







'7', and my favorite




Good times.

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Josette said...

Haha, I love the punch line!

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