Thursday, April 14, 2011

Painting Day

Today, I helped Cristina paint Aldo and Jacina's bedroom.  I got woken up at 8:10am which was no fun but I was glad to roll out and help at about 9:00.  It started out pretty fun.  My job was to cut in the corners and trim and I must say I'm not too shabby.  But I'm a little impatient and when I put the ladder in the wrong place, I hurriedly tried to fix it and ended up falling on my butt and spilling paint everywhere.  In a different language it wasn't as funny because I couldn't really assure them that I was alright and that I was mostly just embarrassed.  They were wiping me and being very sweet.  If I was them, I'd be like, "stupid American", knowing I couldn't understand.  Maybe they did.  Like, feign compassion while speaking in a soothing voice saying, "I can't believe how dumb you are."  That's what I would have done.

Only the finest lingerie will do when painting in Brazil.

After the fall.

There is paint in my armpit.  I guess they didn't get it all when I got wiped.

Later when we said our goodbye hugs, I asked Luciana,

"Do I smell like paint?"

And she said, "No. You smell like a sweat people."

Here's a little idea of what it is like to be me for the last three weeks, surrounded by funny sounds:

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