Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My First Tropical Storm. Lee.

I think we're through the worst of Tropical Storm Lee.  Today it has been pretty windy, but no rain.  As of yesterday, it had been raining for four days straight.  The wind was so strong that every night around 4am I was awoken by the sound of the balcony doors blowing open, and I had to create new and exciting ways to keep them shut.  This tropical storm was kind of a big deal, which we really didn't know, since we're on high ground and there was no flooding here.  But in other areas of New Orleans, there have been tornadoes and evacuations due to flooding.

Chair bracing door, with coffee table bracing chair.

Heavy bin of paperwork bracing door with table bracing bin.  Door on left blew open for photo.

I kind of liked hunkering down for three days and not leaving the apartment.  All we did was eat, clean  the entire place from top to bottom, watch movies, and I sent several million postcards.  Speaking of which...Did you request yours?

Email your name and address to:
and I'll send you a personalized photo postcard!!

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