Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seriousely [sic], "Matt"?

I saw this sign today and it begs a very obvious question:  

Is this a misspelling, or does somebody named Matt have a Washateria?  A play on words would be kind of cute, I admit.  I just couldn't shake the feeling that somebody's doing it wrong.

I had to know.  So, I googled "Laundry Matt", and got:

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I clicked "Search instead for laundry matt" and found this sorry chat discussion board for Maltese dogs with the following question:

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I'm so stressed I have to go to the ghetto to wash my comforters.  Although I have the extra large machine, it's really not big enough for comforters to swish around and wash really good. Wonder why the ghetto is the only neighborhoods with laundry matts? People in good neighborhoods have things to wash sometimes too. I'm always afraid of catching some kind of nasty desease. What do you do with your comforters? I use to dry clean until I found out they could be washed.

Ugh.  I guess people in "good neighborhoods" are ignorant sometimes too.  (Maybe you should train your four dogs NOT to pee on your bedspread so you can avoid all those nasty deseases [sic] that everybody catches at laundry matts [sic].)

I really wanted to believe that the "Laundry Matt" was being "cute", but after I saw its next-door neighbor, the Burrittos Grille LLC...I don't know what to think.


Anne said...

The grill really wants you to roll your R's. Say it like you mean it, girl!

Anonymous said...

Well, I thing the Grill wants to emphazise the "t's" actually seeing as how burrito is spelled with one. And as for "Washateria" wow what a spanglish word, LOL, I haven't seen that since I was back home in Dallas, TX.

Anne said...

Then roll your t's. Not as easy.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

I cannot roll my r's or my t's. Dang.

Jacqui said...

Welcome to the South. You ain't seen nothing yet!

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