Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Who Are We Kidding?"

During the height of Tropical Storm Lee, when it stopped raining for six minutes, Summer and I got a little stir crazy and decided to get gussied up and go out of the apartment.  We killed a ton of time showering, combing hair, putting on makeup, the whole bit.  When we were all ready to go, Summer and I looked at each other like, "now what?" and she goes, "who are we kidding?"  Because we had been SO LAZY for SO LONG and we really didn't truly want to go anywhere.  So instead we took the following photos of ourselves.  We tried at first to get some cute ones...

(I can see that I only have three poses in life.  hmmmm I need to work on that.)

And then it went downhill, really fast:

I'm like, "Summer, let's look ugly!"  But I tricked her:

And then she goes..."OK, OK, let's look ugly!"  But then she tricked me:

So I go, "OK, let's look ugly!"  And I tricked her.  Again.

And then she tricked me.  Right here I died laughing at how I fell for the trick the second time, and how she fell for it twice too:

So then we both did ugly-face:

And then, we legitimately tried looking nice, no tricks:

And then we went to bed.  What a waste of a shower.


DB Stewart said...

Two kids at heart. Like.

Sam said...

HA! Summer is so beautiful! lOVe her hair!

Mom said...

I'm glad I know you aren't a gay couple.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Eek. We deal with that almost daily in our neighborhood.

Today I accidentally called her "hon".

Mom said...

you must excuse me for saying this but in your worst pics you two actually look like the two stepsisters in Disney's Cinderella.

Sarah said...

Oh my GOD, I can't believe I missed this post when it first came out. I laughed until I had tears when I saw the first picture where you said, "Let's look ugly!" and tricked Summer. That might be my favorite picture ever.

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