Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Minister, Vol. 3

When we finally finished up our work at the Minister's house and his device was working properly, I told him I had good news and bad news:

"The good news is...your device is up and running and the new meter is working great.  The bad news is...we'll probably never see each other again."  And then I slapped him on the shoulder and we laughed and laughed...  Of course, we had already bonded over the Pickled Pig Lips incident.

I love this job.  I really enjoy talking to people the whole time we're waiting to get their issue resolved.  I love hearing their stories and also enjoy helping them plant palm trees and sweeping their living rooms, as was the case with the Minister.  (See how adorable I am at work?)

Some of the other, more introverted (and ironically Louisiana-born) employees with the first name Summer have a different strategy.  They opt to spend their visits in the air-conditioned car, speaking as little as possible to the customer, since technically that is the job of the Customer Service Rep with whom we partner up.  They choose to be technician-y and fix-y, and are known to be accused of 'not being from around here' because they're 'not really friendly'.  But I digress.

Sometime during the next day, my Customer Service Rep Annie received a call from the Minister, whose real name is Mr. Sims.  They chatted for a moment, and then he asked her to "please have Kady call me."  So, later I called him from my work phone.  I asked him how everything was working for him, and he said everything was fine, but was I was busy that evening?  I said "I'm sorry, Mr. Sims, but I have plans".  He said, "oh, that's too bad.  I was wondering if you wanted to go to a tailgating thing that I was going to go to."  Then he said, "but maybe you'd like to get dinner with me another time."


I said, "Mr. Sims, are you asking me out on a date?"  When he said yes, I shuddered and then remembered my imaginary boyfriend Ryan Gosling:  "I don't think my boyfriend would like that."  He wasn't phased.  Instead he just said, "yes he would...yes he would."

So, that was horrifying.  And again you disappoint me, Ryan Gosling.


WELL,  the plot thickens.

Yesterday, I visited an older retired couple, and the whole time, the husband kept winking at me.  I ignored it because I thought it was one of those automatic smile-winks that people just do as a tick when they talk.  But then he asked me for my phone number so he could call if he had any questions on his device.  I gave him my work number.
Later, we went alone outside to look at the meter, and he told me that he knew the meter would work properly and the only reason he asked for my number was because I was cute.  I looked at him and said, "If you only knew how many elderly men asked me for my number..."  He was immediately offended by me calling him elderly and then I told him that if he was going to be so bold as to ask a woman for her phone number right in front of his wife he deserved to be offended.

Then he called me.  And left a message.
Then he called me again today.  And left a message.  Including the phrase, "I don't want [you] to think I give up so easily."

Yah, this call is for Kady?  My name is Murray and I doubt you remember me.  I'll try again tomorrow.

Yah, this is Murray and I'm calling for Kady Hexum*, and I don't think she remembers who I am...but I'm gonna run the risk of trying again, cuz I don't want her to think I give up so easily. to you later.

Is there some kind of sticky note on my forehead that says, "please, no attractives or intelligents need apply.  Just the olds, pervs and grosses for me."??

...and remember 'Rock'?

Maybe Summer is on to something with her "I'm here to fix your device, not make best friends with you" strategy.

This is Mickey Rooney and I have no idea who to give credit to.  I just found it on Google images.

*Summer said, "what is WRONG with you, when she found out I gave a customer my first and last name.  And my PHONE NUMBER.  I countered's my WORK number.  Maybe he really did need to contact me for business-related purposes.  She got so mad.

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Flaggy said...

I'm sure your mom will agree when I say, "Can you at least TRY to be a little more introverted?" I don't really want a funeral to be my first reason for visiting New Orleans.

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