Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer-isms, Vol. 16. EXTRA!!

I have a few more than usual this time.  Please appreciate each one individually for it's hilarity.

"Do you really want to be known as the girl with the braid?"

"We need to agree NOT to post anything on Facebook after 11:30pm."

"These are the arms of a 600-pound woman who has lost 400 pounds."

"My teeth look SO straight, but SO yellow."

"Are you eating a half-pizza all alone in your room on Facebook?"   (Yes.  Yes I was.)

"You're turning into a big weirdo."

"Do you ever wish it was more than just you and me?"

"I'm real good at closing things tight.  I'm a hair-stylist."

"You know I'm going to swear at least once an hour.  If I'm telling a story."

And this one.  This one isn't a Summer-ism, per se.  More like a Summer-fact.
She, at six years old, sat on Sam Walton's lap.


Mom said...

@Summer: If you were a male, I would be very disturbed by this statement..."We need to agree NOT to post anything on Facebook after 11:30pm."

It sounds very controlling to me. Do you really think Kady will agree to any such thing?

Hobo Siren said...

I am such a good friend that instead of sounding mean and saying, "you have to stop doing this; you're embarrassing yourself" I say, "we should stop doing this" and I displace the awkwardness and blame onto both of our shoulders. I am SHOULDERING THE BURDEN of her humiliation.

Anonymous said...

And so...since you are not a male...I can say, I get it...I FEEL your pain.

Novah said...

U gals are great fun to read about

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Summer is always using this "we" thing to motivate me. "We" need to stop eating so much junk food. "We" need to exercise more. "We" need to stop wallowing in self-pity...etc etc

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