Thursday, November 3, 2011

OK. So I Got an iPhone.

I'm loving the Incredibooth Photo Booth App. 

And "Old Booth":

Me in four years.

I also love my T-Pain App.  Check out the song that my niece Karley and I wrote for my sister Kelly:

Click Here to Listen to The Best Song Ever Written on the Way From Troy, MI to Toledo, OH by Karley and Kady.

And then there's Fatbooth:

I haven't really gotten much further into the whole Siri thing on my iPhone 4S.  (Not super technical).  Anyway, I like to tell her I pooped my pants and then she tells me where the nearest clothing stores are.  And then I say, "I love you, Siri" and she says, "I bet you say that to all your Apple products."


Sarah said...

I almost choked on my banana from laughing when I saw the fatbooth picture of you. And I LOL'd about you telling Siri that you pooped your pants.

Anne said...

That is the PERFECT toy for you!! More fatbooth please :)

Kelly said...

Kady check out the aging one. Not as awesome as fatbooth but close.

Sarah said...

I think you should send out fatbooth postcards to all your fans.

Kerry said...

Is there a thinbooth? bc that's what where I would go.

When a friend of mine told Siri he had to poop, she sent him down the road 3 miles to the nearest public restroom.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Gawd I love these apps. Siri must have known that for me the damage was already done.

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