Thursday, February 18, 2010

Exciting News from Ramona Day

Hey you! by Ramona Day

Here is a break from my trip to share my band's first recording!

Written by Nancy Morris
Produced by Ben Grimes
me on bass and vocals
Nancy on guitar
Beata on drums


And, we have our very own super fan!  Davey Dorsett sent this photo to our facebook page...that's our t-shirt he's wearing. 


Sarah said...

That is totally AWESOME! I was listening to it and Sam walked in towards the end and said, "Can I get that on my iPod?" How's that for a compliment!!!

The Top Record Producer said...

It's like smoking I bet, once you hear it you just crave hearing it again and again, even if you have to go outside in the cold to hear it. I would.

Anonymous said...

I already know all the words.

Anne said...

I love this song! Please record more:)

Your blog is cool and I love reading it - I'm a friend of Sarah Lindahl's and also grew up in "God's country" (whatever), just so you know I'm not like some psycho stalker or something.

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