Monday, February 1, 2010


One of the things I wanted to do before leaving Minneapolis is: Watch Oprah.  Yes, folks.  I always worked full time, and never was home before 6pm, and so Oprah seemed to me to be the ultimate unemployed luxury.  And so now I've officially been off work for one month.  Do you think I remembered to watch Oprah even one of those days?  NO. 

So, today, I was DETERMINED to watch Oprah.  I woke up at 8:30am, had lunch with my traveling partner and our friend from Australia to talk about the 'what to do' stuff, and then I had my traveling partner bring me to the post office and to the bank (since I have no car).  Still home by 3pm.  Good!  I could spend an hour cleaning the basement and then turn on Oprah and fold laundry in front of it.  3:16pm...still not Oprah time, keep cleaning.  Sweep basement.  Wipe down washer and dryer and thingee in between that holds detergent and bleach and is FILTHY.  3:47pm.  Still not Oprah time.  Then I just kept right on'a cleaning, forgot about Oprah and ran upstairs to check my email.  The computer said 4:58.  I screamed and ran for the TV.  Just in time to hear O say, "Goodbye, everyone.  Goodbye."  And applause.

And now I'm leaving tomorrow and there will never be another chance.  Ever.


And now for the good news.  Beata and Nancy bought me a necklace that has a tiny map of Minneapolis on it.  I don't think I'll take it off until I'm safely back home.


doodlebug3 said...

That was the hope, don't take it off till your home safe!

prettiest sister said...

Aaah so sweet about the necklace.

About the cleaning, it must be in our blood, I have programs I want to see so bad and I get so wrapped up in cleanig, I miss them. And I do it with Oprah all the time.

Cory said...

Yeah me too. I miss Oprah all the time! Life's not fair! Just not fair! I heart you Oprah Belfry, or Godfry or whatev's! Binfry

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