Saturday, April 30, 2011

McDonald's Jeans

In Costa Rica, I saw for my very first time the phenomenon at a McDonald's in which all of the employees were wearing jeans with the McDonald's logo on the butt.  I was so fascinated by this...but never had an opportunity to take a photo.  It's harder than it seems to take a picture of an innocent person's butt, trust me.  (Not to mention how creepy you might feel.)

Anyway, I finally got my chance in Brazil.  Here, for your viewing pleasure, an innocent McDonald's employee's butt, in the McDonald's logo jeans:

Poor guy.

If you google 'McDonald's jeans', you can see more innocent people's butts.  The crazy thing my opinion, they seem to look good on EVERYONE. 

In summary, if you want to buy me a present, this is just one idea.  I also need plane tickets.


Hanna said...

I actually find it very easy to take pictures of unsuspecting people's butts. Don't you remember the time Kasey let me use her camera and I took a picture of a million people's butts before I gave it back?

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...


But you probably don't have the fear of being arrested...yet.

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