Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Goodbye Kady Bicycle Pub Crawl

I have already explained to you that I´m pretty sure I have the best. friends. ever. Wanna know what we did for my going away party? A Minneapolis Bicycle Pub Crawl! Oh my goodness it was so much fun. We all jumped on our bikes and toured around the city, stopping at a few of our favorite places for some good clean fun. We ended up at the very place where I had my Welcome Home Kady party in May 2011. It's like my friends knew my four favorite things and put them all together in one night for me:

1) karaoke
2) beer
3) biking
4) Minneapolis

And then this totally happened:

...and this...:

At one point during the night I accidentally left my little pouch on my bike open and my wallet wasn't in there so I figured it must have fallen out. I backtracked a whole mile to the curb in the photo below and found it, still laying there in the gutter!

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