Monday, October 15, 2012

To the People Who Brought You ME


FYI: There are no uteruses or prostates in the above photo. Also there is no cancer. Surgery on October 3rd went well... and lymph nodes are completely clean. Yay mom! (We are still waiting on a PET scan to confirm that there is really really no cancer, but clean lymphs are pretty cool I think.)

Also FYI: In case anybody wonders what kind of jerk leaves the country three days after learning that her mom has cancer~

I almost postponed and/or canceled my trip. But my family would have none of that. My sisters Kim, Keri and Kasey were with my mom and dad in the hospital for surgery. Keri drove up north for a week and Kelly left her family and husband in Ohio to move into my bedroom for eight weeks absolving me of my daughterly duties. Now she will take care of my dad after mom's surgery (ha!), thereby allowing me to travel and mom to rest up.

I got a good family.

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Chris said...

Yes you do!!!

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