Thursday, October 11, 2012

Speaking of Trains...

We rode overnight buses to get from London to Paris, then to Berlin and then to Krakow and it was pretty awful. Espacially for Ross, whose 6 foot 3 inch body could not find a comfortable sleeping position. And so for the first day in the new city, poor Ross needed to catch up on his Zs. We decided to start taking trains as soon as we could afford them, and the first opportunity presented itself from Krakow to Bratislava. And you know how THAT went. Well, we ended up in Budapest and loved the crap out of it but couldn´t stay forever. We decided to buy train tickets bound for Croatia, but at the last minute decided to pop on over to Slovenia to a lovely city called Ljubljana on our way. I pronounced it Jub Jahna to the train station ticket seller lady and she corrected me. It is Lyoob Lyahna. Well Excuuuuuuuse me. Anyway, I heard great things about it from friends at the hostel and also from the interwebz so we headed there and I´m actually typing this from the computer at our hostel in Slovenia, which has a MEMORY CARD holder thingee and thats very exciting for me as I´m having trouble with my iPad as you know.
(Mz onlz complaint is that the y and z kezs are backwards on this kezboard and as zou can see itćs difficult for me to tzpe anzthing legible unless I conform to their fascist wazs.)
So a funny thing happened on the train today. I went to use the bathroom and when I stood at a certain angle I noticed daylight coming in through the toilet. The toilet didnt flush at all, it just dumped onto the tracks.  EW!!!
Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT lay down or touch any part of your body to the inside part of any train tracks in Hungary.


Look closely and you might see piles of human poop and puddles of human pee.

Ross is writing in his journal every single day.


Chris said...

So the Ipad is a bust! Bummer. I almost had Larry talked into buying me one. And the "crazy letter" typing is cute. My typing looks like that and I don't even have keys in the wrong place!

Little redhead said...

Hah everywhere in Europe the train toilet just flushes on to the tracks pretty much, wasn't aware this was freaky to Americans :D

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