Friday, October 5, 2012


Do you remember when I was in South Africa on safari and I stayed in a bamboo hut and got really scared and almost died from African animal stampede heart palpitations? It seems so long ago.

While I was there, I met a couple of French girls who were super sweet and actually let me stay in their treehouse with them because I was too scared by myself.

Here we are, in a short girl sandwich:

We have kept in touch over the years and last week in Paris I met them for a drink. Cecile has gotten married and is working on a concept for a healthy eating restaurant and Emmanuelle is working on a line of adorable French T-shirts.


Emmanuelle brought Ross and me to the restaurant where Amelie works in the film:

We got a glass of wine which ended up being two glasses of wine in one glass. Emmanuelle was SO OFFENDED by the double glass. I thought it was pretty great. I asked her why and she said, "That's the biggest glass of red wine ever. I'm French, I have principals."


Josette said...

Healthy food, smaller glasses of wine... what else do they do for such lovely skin? Ask them and share with us!

Emma said...

Ahahahah Kady, I never saw this post before and didn't know I got quoted on the internet, talking about my French principals when it comes to wine :)

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