Saturday, October 13, 2012

Croatian Dream is Not Coming True

I have been dreaming of the weather in Croatia for the entire month we've been in Europe. It's typically a beach destination with 90 degree temps all summer long. In October it is forecasted to be about 75 degrees, so I knew it wouldn't be beach weather, but was looking forward to flip flops and rolled up jeans and walking along the ocean and chilling out. I even scheduled 10 days -- a veritable lifetime on this trip -- to relax here. 

Taken from my train car as we arrived to Split, Croatia.

I checked my phone for the forecast and was horrified to discover this:

Rain, for the next week!

This morning, it wasn't raining, but just cloudy so I ventured out to check out the town and found a great Green Market where I bought a bunch of vegetables for a yummy salad and dropped off a load of clothes at the laundromat.

Then I had an amazing nap and went out to get the laundry when it was done. It was sprinkling a little. I was too lazy to go up and get my umbrella so I decided I “could just run“. Well then the heavens opened and it absolutely poured on me. The laundry lady was nice enough to make me a rain costume so I could get back to the hostel.

  So much for sunny, sunny Croatia.


Davin said...

I feel your pain on this one. I went to Buenos Aires 5 years ago and the first day I arrived, it had been arranged with a local for me to play tennis on a clay court. On the way to the court, it began to rain so I got a pic of the court instead. It rained 5 days straight and I was there for 6. :(

Chris said...

Do you think your laundry lady should audition for Project Runway? A- for functionality; B for incorporating color and C- for fit. "Make it work"

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