Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eiffel Tower Photo Special

One of my favorite things about traveling is to see some famous thing that I previously had only seen in photos. Obviously the Eiffel Tower is like a big one. This was my first time in France and in Paris and I was excited to see it. I even sort of worried about my outfit because I wanted to get the perfect picture of myself in front of it. Narcissist!

My first day in Paris I set out on my own to do some exploring. I was wandering around and turned a corner and this is what I saw. I've got no shame, and so I'll tell you that I totally teared up and got emotional. I don't know why.


And here are some of my favorite photos. I took a million.

Poor dumb bird doesn't even know he's French.

Went all the way to the top!

Facing fears!

Faced some more fears as I walked down the stairs from the first level to the ground.


Chris said...

Good job, Kady. Can't wait to see the other 999,994!

beth said...


Flaggy said...

Wish I was there so I could take a picture of you and make it look like the Eiffel tower is your hat.

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