Friday, October 26, 2012

I Call this My Nicaraguan Finger Wave

I stole this .GIF from Chelle at Coffee and Zombie Movies.*

I learned this little gesture in Nicaragua and let me tell you it really works. If you want to say no a little bit more forcefully than usual, for example when you get off a train and people attack you with signs for their hostel, but you already have your hostel booked. Maybe they won't leave you alone.

Or maybe a scary bum is following you trying to get money. You already said no politely. Maybe you need to shake him.

Just wag your finger and Voila! UNIVERSAL SNUB.

*I don't know where she stole it from.


luvdoctorlibbie said...

I'm not very good at it. I tried to get my finger at that angle and now it's all cramped up.

Chris said...

Ha ha ha, should I try it on Larry??

beth said...

That's Abu on Seinfeld...master finger waver.

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