Monday, October 1, 2012

Berlin Wall

I'm really regretting the purchase of this iPad. You hear that, Steve Jobs? I get ten minutes of Internet a day, and I can't be spending that time trying to forward photos from my iPhone to email to Blogger and then typing up some crap on the iPad. I'm busy stalking Facebook for information from home.

We had a great time in Paris, then took an uncomfortable bus to Berlin, where we met some great new friends. The above photos were taken at the East Side Gallery, a collection of paintings on the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall over a kilometer long (making it the longest open air gallery in the world, thank you very much). It's really cool. Can you believe this was just 22 years ago, the wall coming down? I remember seeing it on the Internet. I mean the TV. I was at my friend Maija's cabin, swimming and hiking and being 13 and then it was on TV and I haven't thought about it much since. This weird wall came down that separated a whole city from a whole section of a whole country. Politics and people are weird. Have I mentioned how excited I am to NOT be in the USA during election time? The end. 

I really would post more photos if I could. You hear that, Steve Jobs???

1 comment:

Chris said...

By the way, dear, if you watched that "TV" thing more you would know Steve can't hear you. He's dead. Would you have had more internet time with your laptop? Keep having fun!

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