Thursday, October 7, 2010

Granada and my new diet idea

On Sunday I fly to Nicaragua.  My new friends are picking me up and we're going straight to Granada to spend a week in a rented house at the lake! 

Oh: today I weighed myself at the Bank of America lobby in uptown Charlotte NC.  On one of those crazy antique scales.  It said 144 pounds.  But I had my shoes and purse on.  Surely my shoes and purse weigh 24 pounds?  I am hoping to get one of those stomach parasites that come up through your feet while in Nicaragua.  You know the kind that make you lose a bunch of weight?  That way I won't have to actually do the Zumba program I paid $70 for and never used.  (I brought it with me.  Maraca weights and all.  If I decide to give up on those babies, my backpack will be at least 5 pounds lighter.)  More to follow.   

The end.

p.s. I phoned this one in Mitch.  No photo.


Kelly said...

I love that you have paid for and will pack that around and never use, only to leave it behind for space later.

Kady said...

That's the way I roll.
Or how I keep my rolls. Whichever.

Sarah said...

Mitch got a kick out of your mention. And you did phone it in with no picture.

Jacqui said...

If you want to get rid of Zumba, you can mail it to me anytime. I would love to have it. Love, Jacqui

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