Sunday, October 10, 2010

One Quickie Before I get on the Plane

This morning I had to get up at 3:45AM for my shuttle to the airport.  But, since my phone was on silent, my phone alarm COULDN'T wake me up.  Oh, it tried, silently to alarm me out of bed.  The man was outside and he called (my friend's phone thank goodness) and I had 45 seconds to jump in his car.  I'm so glad I packed last night.

So then of course he was 147 years old and a horrible driver.  I always get really bad taxi/shuttle drivers.  My life has been in more danger getting to and from airports than it ever has been in the air.  Note to self: take Xanex BEFORE trip to airport next time.  We made it early for my flight, where I tried in vain to use the self-check in kiosk.  If all goes well, it's supposed to make things easier and faster.  But if you're tired and stupid, it takes ten times as long.  Which I was.  So blah, I had a nice flight to Miami (with the most gorgeous sunrise I think I've ever seen) and here I have some internet before I fly off to Nicaragua.   

Something is wrong with Blogger at the moment and I'm unable to upload photos.  I hate that.  Bane of my existence.

Random thoughts:
My backpack is so full I can't even get it open.
Everybody is speaking Spanish all around me, and I'm trying to eavesdrop.
I have to go poop.
I hope I didn't forget my book in the bedsheets.
Two cups of coffee maybe screwed my chance of a nap on the plane...but if not, my breath should be awesome when my mouth hangs wide open.
OK gotta go.

(Repeat thing about one week and the police.)

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