Thursday, October 21, 2010

MTV Cribs

This is where the magic happens.  (I'm on the top bunk.)

This is our clothes line.  My room is off the back of it.  Our house is open to the outside as you can see.  Sometimes it rains and we have to hurry and take clothes down off the line.

This is the dining room, as taken from the kitchen.


Garden seating area.

Living room and Meagan's bedroom.

Garden, open to the outside, as taken from the garden seating area.  (Between dining room and living room.)
I didn't take photos of the two other bedrooms.  But that's pretty much the house.  Bridget has been living here for four years.  The rest of us come and go.  Rent is cheap and includes drinking water, internet, alarm system and twice-per-week cleaning service.

Since there are six of us, everyone is assigned a "cook day" in which they are responsible to make dinner.  On the seventh day we all fend for ourselves, or go out to dinner.  Your "cook day" is also your laundry day, so there isn't any fighting over the washing machine.  So far I have been here a week and I only had to cook dinner once, but have been eating like a king.  It's such a great system.  Also, we put all of our receipts from the grocery store and at some point they'll be tabulated and we'll see who owes what to whom. 

As you know, hanging my laundry to dry in the sun is my favorite activity in the whole world, and so I'm happy we don't have a dryer.  The girls told me it was pretty terrible to be here just a few weeks ago during the worst of the rainy season, when nothing would dry ever.  We've had very decent weather since my arrival, so it's not a problem.  Supposedly we are still in rainy season and we've had a few crazy downpours, but not too bad.

My umbrella gets used every day.  If it's sunny, it protects my alabastar skin (similar to Nicole Kidman's~ haha) and if it's rainy my head doesn't get wet.  Everything else does, but not my head.

Our house is butted up against a very busy street and since there are two open areas (the laundry and the garden) we get a ton of outside noise.  Because of this I am UP AT 7:30 EVERY DAY.  I cant sleep past it!  Hal would be SO PROUD of me.   It also helps that since we are so close to the equator, the sun rises and sets pretty much at the same time all year round.  So it's dark at 6pm.  By the time 10pm rolls aroud, it's time for bed.  So I'm keeping a totally respectable schedule, and I even have time for a nap each day.  Loving the naps. 


I said...

Sounds perfect!!!

Sarah said...


K8 said...

I remember how loud it was can that one girl have her room out by the front door?? You can hear everything from the street

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Yah, she doesn't get much sleep. Especially on garbage day ~ she has to wake up at all hours and yell at people to quit rummaging through our garbage and that there are no bottles in it.

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