Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm Here!

It only takes two hours and eleven minutes to fly from Miami to Managua.  Who knew?  So by the time we were in the air it was time to land. 
Bridget and Lynette were at the airport to pick me up and as soon as I grabbed my bags, got some beans and rice and water and an unknown meat wrap, we took off for Granada in Bridget's big truck.  When we got here we checked into a hotel, watched Law & Order and napped for a few hours and then took off for a neato boat ride where a monkey gets on the boat.  Photos of that to follow.

Most importantly I wanted to discuss the three hour meal situation when you're not in the US.  At home, restaurants are trying to move people in and out of there quickly to keep making more money and so we are used to quick service.  Not so in pretty much all other countries.  A for 1, nobody gets their food or drinks at the same time.  So you might have to wait for your food while your friend eats or vice versa.  This caused Summer Grimes some major heartache in SE Asia, because by some sort of weird coincidence I ALWAYS got my food first.  She was like, "you don't understand.  I'm the hungry one."  B for 2, you have to ask for the check at the end of the meal.  So if the check never arrives, it's because you forgot to ask for it.

And so tonight that is how we ended up going into the restaurant at 7pm and we just got finished at 10pm. 

There is nothing wrong with this system, as long as you sort of know about it in advance and remember to schedule the time properly, and to stay on top of your server.

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Kelly said...

I'm really feeling for you and the three hour meal thing. Back at home, we can get our meal in 15 min and get right back to work work work.

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